ROBOVIC is built on key values: commitment, team work, performance, creativity, partnership, health & enjoyment. From day one, these values have been the foundations for every project.

valeurs de partenariat


We believe it’s integral that both parties see each other as partners based on trust for a mutual benefit. Understanding our clients needs will define a successful strategy in order to offer the most efficient solution. Our global thinking is to create a win-win situation.


Our Priority: Customer satisfaction
We devote ourselves to deliver reliable and sustainable solutions reaching or surpassing your expectations.

valeurs de performance
valeurs de créativité


Creativity represents the main source of motivation for our entire team, our key value distinguishing from the rest. We promote proactivity, exchange and sharing at Robovic.


Our commitment is based on the clients satisfaction. We work as a team to make the difference which contributes to every project being successful and we foster implication and accomplishment for all our employees. Becoming a partner of choice for our clients is at the heart of our priorities.

valeurs de d'engagement
valeurs de travail d'équipe


Team work is the basis of all our solutions. Every employee brings their expertise and experience to all our projects within a respectful environment which helps reach the target together. Our employees exchange advice and suggestions to achieve the determined objectives together.


The personal side is a fundamental element at Robovic. We place importance on the well being of all our employees. We hope to improve the quality of life of everyone by promoting a healthy balance between personal and professional life.


valeurs de santé et plaisir